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  • 11 - Medizintechnik
  • 90 - Optische, fotografische oder kinematografische Instrumente, Apparate und Geräte; Mess-, Prüf- oder Präzisionsinstrumente, -apparate und -geräte; medizinische und chirurgische Instrumente, Apparate und Geräte; Teile und Zubehör für diese

Other ophthalmic instruments and appliances (HS 901850); Ophthalmic equipment (ICS 11.040.70)

Proyecto de Norma Metrológica Peruana PNMP 02X:202X "INSTRUMENTOS OFTÁLMICOS - TONÓMETROS DE IMPRESIÓN Y APLANAMIENTO - Parte 1: Requisitos técnicos y metrológicos; Parte 2: Procedimientos de pruebas; y Parte 3: Formato de informe de pruebas" - 1ra Edición (Draft Peruvian Metrology Standard (PNMP) No. 02X:202X: "Ophthalmic instruments - Impression and applanation tonometers - Part 1: Metrological and technical requirements; Part 2: Test procedures; and Part 3: Test report format" - 1st Edition) (48 page(s), in Spanish)

The notified draft Peruvian Metrology Standard specifies requirements for the design compliance and construction of impression and applanation tonometers used for the determination of intraocular pressure (IOP) in clinical applications. When referring to applanation tonometers, which measure the force necessary to applanate the cornea over a given diameter using the flat contact side of a pressure body, the notified Standard covers the method developed by Hans Goldmann.