NZ Neuseeland
  • 44 - Holz, Holzkohle und Holzwaren
  • 47 - Halbstoffe aus Holz oder anderen zellulosehaltigen Faserstoffen; Papier oder Pappe für die Wiederaufbereitung (Abfälle und Ausschuss)
  • 48 - Papiere und Pappen; Waren aus Zellstoff, Papier oder Pappe
  • 94 - Möbel; medizinisch-chirurgisches Mobiliar; Bettzeug und dergleichen; Beleuchtungskörper, anderweit weder genannt noch inbegriffen; Reklameleuchten, Leuchtschilder und ähnliche Waren; vorgefertigte Gebäude

4401 (Fuel wood in logs),

440290 (Mangrove Charcoal),

4403 (Wood in the rough),

4404 (Hoop wood, split poles, piles),

4406 (Railway or tramway sleepers),

4407 (Wood sawn or chipped lengthwise),

4408 (Sheets for veneering),

440910 (Wood, Tongued, Grooved, Moulded Etc, Coniferous),

440922 (Wood, Tongued, Grooved, Moulded Etc, of Tropical),

440929 (Non coniferous Wood Excluding Bamboo),

4410 (Particle board), 4411 (Fibreboard of wood),

4412 (Plywood),

4413 (Densified wood),

4414 (Wooden frames),

4415 (Packing Cases, Crates, Drums),

4416 (Casks, barrels, vats, tubs),

4417 (Tools, Tool Bodies, Tool Handles, Broom or Brush Bodies),

4418 (Builders' joinery), 4419 (Tableware and Kitchenware, Of Wood),

4420 (Wood Marquetry and Inlaid Wood; Cases), 4421 (Miscellaneous wood items).

4701 (Mechanical wood pulp),

4702 (Chemical wood pulp, dissolving grades),

4703 (Chemical wood pulp, soda or sulphate),

4704 (Chemical wood pulp, sulphite),

4705 (Mechanical or chemical wood pulp)

4801 (Newsprint),

4802 (Uncoated paper and paperboard),

4803 (Toilet or facial tissue),

4804 (Uncoated kraft paper and paperboard),

4805 (Other uncoated paper and paperboard),

4806.20.00 (Vegetable/parchment/tracing papers),

4806.30.00 (Vegetable/parchment/tracing papers),

4806.40.00 (Vegetable/parchment/tracing papers),

4807 (Composite paper and paperboard),

4808 (Corrugated paper and paperboard),

4809 (Carbon paper, self-copy paper),

4810 (Coated paper and paperboard),

4811 (Paper products coated/surfaced),

4813 (Cigarette paper),

4816 (Carbon paper, self-copy paper),

4817 (Envelopes, letter cards),

4818 (Toilet paper and similar paper),

4819 (Cartons, boxes),

4820 (Paper booklets),

4821 (Paper labels),

4823 (Other paper)

940161 (Seats W Wooden Frames, Upholstered),

940169 (Seats W Wooden Frames, Not Upholstered),

940330 (Wooden Office Furniture, Except Seats),

940340 (Wooden Kitchen Furniture, Except Seats),

940350 (Wooden Bedroom Furniture, Except Seats),

940360 (Wooden Furniture),

940390 (Parts of Furniture),

9406.10.00 (Prefabricated buildings of wood)

Forests (Legal Harvest Assurance) Amendment Bill This Bill amends the Forests Act 1949 (the principal Act) (97 page(s)

New Part 5: Legal harvest assurance

The New Zealand Government is seeking to establish a new regulatory system to provide legal harvest assurance for the forestry and wood-processing sector. It is expected to operate in a manner that will:

· assist in the prevention of international trade in illegally harvested timber; and

· strengthen the international reputation of the New Zealand forestry and wood processing sector; and

· safeguard and enhance market access for New Zealand forestry exports; and

· reduce the risk that timber imported into New Zealand is sourced from illegally harvested timber.

A range of law changes are needed to establish the system. The Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) is working on developing legislation that would:

· establish a definition of "legally harvested"

· require operators (log traders, primary processors and importers/exporters of timber products) in the timber products supply chain to be registered and conduct due diligence and risk mitigation;

· enable the Secretary (Director-General of MPI) to issue exporter statements for registered parties to help them facilitate trade;

· oblige forest owners or people who have the right to harvest to provide information on the harvest to others in the supply chain;

· provide for exemptions, a compliance and enforcement regime, and other elements needed for a legal harvest assurance system.

New Part 6: Log traders

The proposed legal harvest system in new Part 5 will have operational overlaps with the registration of log traders in Part 2A of the Act (to be inserted by the Forests (Regulation of Log Traders and Forestry Advisers) Amendment Act 2020. To ensure that the two systems operate as closely as they can, the Bill repeals provisions relevant to log traders in the new Part 2A and inserts a new Part 6 in the Act. The new Part 6 (Log Traders) has similar provisions to those in Part 2A, with some minor adjustment to align with the operational design for the legal harvest system.

New Part 7: Cost recovery The Bill also inserts a new Part 7 which consolidates common provisions on cost recovery for Parts 2A, 5 and 6.