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This notification relates to the active ingredient hydrogen cyanamide (CAS No 420-04-2) and one hydrogen cyanamide-containing substance (marketed as six different commercial products).

The HSNO approval numbers for the substances affected by the proposal are HSR002949 (hydrogen cyanamide) and HRC000001 (soluble concentrate containing 520-540 g/L hydrogen cyanamide).

The CS Number is 420-04-2.

Application (APP203974) for a reassessment under section 63 and 63A of the HSNO Act. The application includes the following 7 documents:

· Completed application form, 19 pages, in English

· EPA application report hydrogen cyanamide reassessment, 63 pages, in English

· Appendix B EPA science memo, 19 pages, in English

· Appendix C Māori impact assessment report, 15 pages, in English

An application (APP203974) for a reassessment under section 63 and 63A of the HNSO Act.

Hydrogen cyanamide is a plant-growth regulator used to promote 'bud-break' in the production of kiwifruit. It is also applied to a lesser extent for the same purpose in some apple, cherry, apricot, and kiwiberry crops.

New information on the effects of hydrogen cyanamide led to reassessment grounds being established under section 62 of the HSNO Act in September 2019. The new information included the human health and environmental risk assessments undertaken by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). The EFSA review, other assessments published by regulatory authorities in the United States (US) and the Europe Union (EU), and risk assessments provided by stakeholders, have been used to inform the EPA's current assessment of risks and benefits of hydrogen cyanamide use in New Zealand.

Based on its preliminary assessment, the EPA is recommending that current approvals for hydrogen cyanamide be declined, and the substance no longer be approved. The EPA is proposing that hydrogen cyanamide be phased out over five years, with tighter controls taking immediate effect after the final decision on the reassessment