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  • 67 - Lebensmitteltechnologie

Food products in general (ICS 67.040)

Amendments to paragraph 11(1)(e) and the Fifth A Schedule (Table I and Table III) of the Food Regulations 1985 [P.U.(A) 437/1985]. (2 page(s), in English)

The proposed amendments to the Food Regulations 1985 [P.U.(A) 437/1985] involve the following:

1.    Amendment to the labelling requirement in paragraph 11(1)(e) by inserting the requirement for declaration of added water in the list of ingredients on every package containing food for sale;

2.    Amendment to Table I to the Fifth A Schedule by deleting the nutrient content claim of  "low trans fatty acids" and its conditions, and inserting the nutrient content claim of "free trans fatty acids" and its conditions; and 

3.    Amendment to Table III to the Fifth A Schedule by inserting the minimum amount required for nutrient function claims of Potassium and Tocotrienol Rich Fraction (TRF).

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