MX Mexiko
  • 97 - private und kommerzielle Hauswirtschaft, Unterhaltung, Sport
  • 95 - Spielzeug, Spiele, Unterhaltungsartikel und Sportgeräte; Teile und Zubehör davon

Toys, games and sports requisites; parts and accessories thereof (HS code 95); Toys (ICS code: 97.200.50)

PROYECTO de Norma Oficial Mexicana PROY-NOM-253-SE-2021, Juguetes-Requisitos de seguridad mecánica, física, eléctrica e inflamabilidad (Draft Mexican Official Standard PROY-NOM-253-SE-2021, Toys - mechanical, physical and electrical safety and flammability requirements) (23 pages, in Spanish)

The notified draft Mexican technical regulation (Mexican Official Standard) establishes the safety requirements for toys manufactured, imported and marketed in the national territory.

It applies to the toys listed below:

 Non-aquatic inflatable toys;

 Aquatic toys (swim rings, arm bands, boats, foam boards and pool noodles);

 Electric trains;

 Therapeutic/educational toys;

 Scale model assembly kits of balsa wood;

 Toy musical instruments and apparatus;

 Counting frames (abaci);

 Toys for children not more than 36 months old;

 Water-projecting toys;

 Circuits for electric racing cars;

 Children's rattles;

 Babies' teething rings;

 Baby gyms;

 Mobiles for babies' cots;


 Wooden toys;

 Protective helmets;

 Ride-ons with or without pedals or powered by rechargeable batteries;

 Projectile toys;

 Propeller toys;

 Toys with heat sources;

 Mouth-actuated toys;

 Metal or plastic four-wheeled skates;

 In-line skates;


 Toys with percussion caps;

 Acoustic toys;


 Magnetic and electric games;

 Sleds with rope;

 Toy rocking chairs;

 Spring rocking horses;

 Musical carousels;

 Jack-in-the-box (mechanical or electric);

 Plush animals;

 Stuffed toys;

 Scale toy vehicles;

 Modelling dough;

 Large toys for installation outdoors (slides, seesaws and similar);

 Children's trampolines.

It is not applicable to:

 Collectible products not intended for children under 14 years of age;

 Holiday decorations that are primarily intended for ornamental purposes;

 Aquatic equipment intended to be used in deep water;

 Video game arcades installed in public places;


 Fireworks;  Products containing heating elements intended for use under the supervision of an adult in a teaching context;

 Toy steam engines;

 Video toys that can be connected to a video screen and operated at a nominal voltage greater than 24 V;

 Babies' pacifiers (dummies);

 Faithful reproduction of firearms;

 Electric ovens, irons or other functional products operated at a nominal voltage greater than 24 V;

 Bows for archery with an overall relaxed length exceeding 120 cm;

 Girls' fashion accessories;

 Automatic playing machines, whether coin-operated or not, intended for public use;

 Toy vehicles equipped with combustion engines;


 Science equipment and products intended for educational purposes in schools and other educational contexts under adult supervision;

 Personal protective equipment, including swimming goggles, sunglasses and other eye protectors;

 Science toys that do not contain electrical parts or are intended for children over 14 years of age;

 Slingshots and catapults;

 Darts with metal points;

 Compressed air- and gas-operated guns and pistols;


 Model assembly kits, hobby and craft items, in which the finished item is not primarily of play value;

 Sporting and camping goods and equipment;  Models of aircraft, rockets, boats and land vehicles powered by combustion engines.