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Cannabis and its pharmacological derivatives

Reglamento en materia de control sanitario para la producción, investigación y uso medicinal de la cannabis y sus derivados farmacológicos (Sanitary control regulations for the production and medicinal use of, and research into, cannabis and its pharmacological derivatives) (35 page(s), in Spanish)

The notified legislation covers the sanitary regulation, control, promotion and surveillance of raw materials, molecular complexes, pharmacological derivatives and medicines for production, scientific, industrial and medical purposes. Pursuant to these provisions, the Ministry of Health, through the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks; the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, through the National Agri-Food Health, Safety and Quality Service and the National Seed Inspection and Certification Service; the Ministry of the Economy; and the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, through the Tax Administration Service, will exercise the powers conferred on them by laws, regulations and other legal provisions within their areas of competence.