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PROY-NOM-034-SCT2-2018, Proyecto de Norma Oficial Mexicana NOM-034-SCT2-2018 "Señalamiento Horizontal y Vertical de Carreteras y Vialidades Urbanas" Prefacio (PROY‑NOM-034-SCT2-2018, draft Mexican Official Standard NOM-034-SCT2-2018: "Horizontal and vertical signage for highways and urban roadways", Preface) (65 pages, in Spanish)

The draft Mexican Official Standard sets forth the general requirements to be taken into account in the design and implementation of road signage for highways and urban roadways under federal, state and municipal jurisdiction.

So that road signage can help drivers, including drivers of federal road transport vehicles and the general public, and other road users travel safely, the notified Standard must be observed on federal, state and municipal highways and on urban roadways. The horizontal and vertical signage for highways and urban roadways comprises markings on the pavement and on adjacent structures; boards with symbols, pictograms and legends; and other elements. These constitute a system whose purpose is to outline the geometric characteristics of the highways and urban roadways; indicate all structural elements installed within the right-of-way; warn of any potential dangers on the highway or urban roadway and their nature; regulate traffic by pointing out physical limitations or regulatory prohibitions restricting their use; and provide timely guidance to users throughout their journeys by indicating the names and locations of towns, places of interest and distances in kilometres and by providing information on services or places of interest for tourism or recreation, communicating to users instructions related to their safety and road protection so as to properly regulate and channel the traffic of motor vehicles, non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians. For those instructions to be easily understood by users and the occurrence of accidents to be reduced, the system must be uniform throughout the country.