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Couscous and pasta

Projet d'Arrêté du ministre de l'agriculture, de la pêche maritime, du développement rural et des eaux et forêts fixant les spécifications physiques et chimiques du couscous et des pâtes alimentaires (Draft Order of the Minister of Agriculture, Marine Fisheries, Rural Development, Water Resources and Forestry establishing physical and chemical specifications for couscous and pasta) Language(s): French Number of pages: 3

Article 5 of Decree No. 2-22-136 of 17 May 2022 on the quality and safety of marketed couscous and pasta provides for the establishment of physical and chemical specifications by order. The provisions of the notified draft Order aim primarily to establish the physical and chemical specifications for couscous and pasta provided for by that Decree, in particular those relating to:

-         moisture content;

-         ash content; and

-         protein content.