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Plant protection products

Projet de décret pris pour l'application des dispositions de la loi n° 34-18 relative aux produits phytopharmaceutiques (Draft decree implementing the provisions of Law No. 34-18 on plant protection products) Language(s): French Number of pages: 25

The notified draft decree, implementing Law No. 34-18 on plant protection products, sets out the arrangements for the introduction of the national phytopharmacovigilance plan and for the assessment and processing of:

1.     applications for the approval of active substances, safeners and synergists;

2.     applications for marketing authorization for plant protection products and adjuvants;

3.     applications for authorization to conduct experimentation activities involving plant protection products and adjuvants; and

4.     applications for authorization to engage in the manufacturing, repackaging, importation, and wholesale and retail distribution of plant protection products and adjuvants, and to provide services pertaining to their use.

The notified draft decree establishes the content of the files that are to accompany the above-mentioned applications, and the procedure for assessing and processing applications. It also describes the decisions that may be taken in light of the outcome and conclusions of the assessment and processing of applications, and sets out the reasons for withdrawing the approval and authorization given under Law No. 34-18 and its implementing texts. In addition, the decree establishes the control procedures to be followed by authorized ONSSA officials when investigating and recording infringements committed during the importation, manufacture, repackaging, distribution, sale, putting up for sale and warehousing of plant protection products and adjuvants, and during activities pertaining thereto.