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Preserved tomatoes and tomato concentrate

Projet d'Arrêté du Ministre de l'Agriculture, de la Pêche Maritime, du Développement Rural et des Eaux et Forêts fixant les dénominations et les caractéristiques des conserves de tomates (Draft Order of the Minister of Agriculture, Marine Fisheries, Rural Development, Water Resources and Forestry establishing the names and characteristics of preserved tomatoes) Language(s): French Number of pages: 4

The purpose of the notified draft Order setting out the names and characteristics of preserved tomatoes is to establish a regulatory framework for the preserved and semi-preserved vegetable sector within the framework of the new legislation on the safety of food products. The notified draft Order issued under Article 3 of Decree No. 2-20-422 on the quality and food safety of preserved and semi-preserved vegetables aims primarily to:

-         Provide a definition of tomato concentrate and preserved tomatoes;

-         establish names for tomato concentrate taking into account dry matter, and for preserved tomatoes taking into account the presentation of the product;

-         determine the physico-chemical characteristics of tomato concentrate;

-         specify the packing media used and the ingredients authorized for preserved tomatoes; and

-         provide for the specific information to be included on labelling.