MA Marokko
  • 01 - Allgemeines, Terminologie, Normung, Dokumentation

Steel products, paints and varnishes, bitumen and binders, plastic products, glass in building, flexible sheets for waterproofing, furniture products, automotive products and domestic cookware

Arrêté du ministre de l'industrie, du commerce et de l'économie verte et numérique rendant d'application obligatoire des normes marocaines (Order of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and the Green and Digital Economy providing for the mandatory application of Moroccan standards)

The notified Order provides for the mandatory application of 53 Moroccan standards to replace 60 equivalent standards already in force, the versions of which referred to in the related orders are now outdated, with a view to keeping up to date with the technological developments for the products concerned.

The notified Order also provides for the mandatory application of a new Moroccan standard on domestic cookware.