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Construction products

Draft Order of Assessment the List of Construction Products Subject to Regulation  (22 page(s), in Lithuanian)

This document represents an update draft for the technical regulation notified under G/TBT/N/LTU/6. It does not supersede the existing list of the construction products subject to regulation, but supplements it by newly adopted European harmonized standards. The proposed regulation provides technical specifications, mandatory essential characteristics and systems of assessment and verification of constancy of performance for a series of construction products, such as a aggregates, binders, concrete and mortar, masonry units, thermal insulation products, concrete and reinforced concrete, windows and doors, timber structures and products, glass, roof coverings and products, floors, walls and ceilings coverings, waterproofing products, sealants, paints, geo-textiles, cables, fire-construction, heating, water supply and ventilation devices, reinforcing steel, embedded details, steel structures, road construction products, chimneys, waste water treatment facilities, firefighting systems, fire detection and fire alarm systems equipment, stationary fire extinction systems and their components, etc. The new draft legislation also sets technical specifications, mandatory essential characteristic, and systems of assessment and verification of constancy of performance of construction products for which there are no harmonized technical specifications.

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