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  • 53 - Andere pflanzliche Spinnstoffe; Papiergarne und Gewebe aus Papiergarnen

True hemp, raw or retted (HS 530210)

Draft Law Amending Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Fibre Hemp No. XII-336 (12 page(s), in Lithuanian)

Draft Law sets requirements for the cultivation, processing of fibre hemp products and the placing on the market of fibre hemp products and their articles.

It is allowed to process the whole fibre hemp plant.

Hemp fibre products and their articles placed on the market shall be obtained from or made from hemp with a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content not exceeding 0,2% and must bear a certificate to that effect.

The THC content in fibre hemp products, must not exceed 0.2%. Lower maximum levels of THC may be set for specific end-use and consumption fibre hemp products or categories thereof included in the list approved by the competent institutions.

Where the manufacturing process of hemp fibre products produces hemp intermediate products with a THC content exceeding 0,2%, such production shall be permitted only for legal entities authorized to manufacture such a hemp fibre product.

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