LT Litauen
  • 67 - Lebensmitteltechnologie
  • 08 - Geniessbare Früchte; Schalen von Zitrusfrüchten oder von Melonen

Dried fruits. KN 0803 10 90; KN 0804 10; KN 0804 20; KN 0804 30; KN 0804 50; KN 0806 20; KN 0809 29; KN 0809 21; KN 0813 10; KN 0813 20; KN 0813 30; KN 0813 40 10; KN 0813 40 30; Fruit, dried, other than that of headings 08.01 to 08.06; mixtures of nuts or dried fruits of this Chapter (HS 0813); Fruits and derived products (ICS 67.080.10)

Draft Order of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania amending the Order of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania No. 3D-155 19 April 2006 on Approval of Quality Requirements for Dried Fruit. (21 page(s), in Lituanian)

The project lays down requirements for the quality and commercial presentation of dried fruit. Its provisions are obligatory on all companies of the Republic of Lithuania engaged in the production, import and sale of the products specified in this Project. The Project also sets out a mutual recognition clause, that is, the "Single Market Clause" set out in 2017. 19 December See Commission Communication COM (2017) 787 final. The requirements of the project apply to dried fruit: apples, pears, pineapples, bananas, mangoes, peaches, apricots, plums, dates, figs, grapes, cherries, made from fresh fruits of the design species and intended for direct consumption (without additional heat treatment). The project defines the concept of dried fruit and lays down specific quality requirements for individual dried fruits. The project sets out the technical requirements for the preparation of raw materials, the labelling requirements for dried fruits and describes certain research methods.