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  • 65 - Landwirtschaft

Tobacco, tobacco products and related equipment (ICS 65.160)

Draft of the UAE GCC Technical Regulation "Electronic Nicotine Products (Equivalents of Traditional Tobacco Products)" (19 page(s), in Arabic)

This draft of GCC technical regulation is concerned with the requirements of electronic nicotine products which are designed in the form of traditional tobacco products such as (cigarettes, cigar, pipe, cigarillo or hookah), which includes the following products:

·         Electronic vape products which do not contain tobacco (and may or may not contain nicotine) and their refill packages, e.g. e-liquid containers.

·         Heated tobacco products that contain tobacco (processed or unprocessed) which is heated by an electronic device (without combustion).

It also specifies the requirements for importing, manufacturing, packing, displaying and trading, and weights and descriptive data on their labels but does not include any products that are consumed through lighting and smoking with combustion or any products that contain nicotine such as nicotine patches and tobacco products which are consumed orally.

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