KW Kuwait
  • 65 - Landwirtschaft

All products fall under scope of "Electronic nicotine delivery system and its equivalent" (ICS 65.160); Tobacco, tobacco products and related equipment (ICS 65.160)

"Electronic nicotine delivery system and its equivalent" (13 page(s), in Arabic)

This Kuwait Technical Regulation is concerned with mandatory requirements to be met in nicotine Electronic products design in the form of traditional counterpart tobacco products such as (cigarettes, cigars, Pipe, cigarillo or hookah / shisha), where the following products include:

* Electronic steam products (which do not contain tobacco) and may or may not contain Nicotine, and supply packs for refilling such as (e-liquid) packages.

* Electronically heated tobacco products containing tobacco (processed or unprocessed) which It is heated using an electronic device (without burning).

It also specifies requirements for import, manufacture, packaging, presentation, handling, weights and data The explanatory note on its statement card, and does not include the products that are consumed by burning it and smoking it by burning or any other products containing nicotine such as Oral nicotine patches and tobacco products.

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