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Seismic isolator in the telecommunication facilities

Draft Amendment of the Technical Regulations for Safety and Reliability of Broadcasting and Communication Protocol (12 page(s), in Korean)

This regulation is to specify technical specifications of seismic isolator in the telecommunication facilities.

1. Added technical standards for seismic isolators for telecommunication facilities (4 of Schedule 2)

 - Floor response spectrum standards (0.5~33.3 Hz) reflecting the earthquake characteristics of domestic buildings by accepting the non-structural element vibration table test standards of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

 - Provision of installation conditions for seismic isolators, performance verification methods, judgment conditions, etc.

2. Expansion of targets for analysis and verification of seismic performance of telecommunication facilities (2.b.5-6  of Schedule 2)

 - It has been relaxed to allow analysis and verification of power equipment and ancillary equipment except for rectifiers.