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Electricity meter

A Draft Revision of the "Technical regulation for electricity meter" (159 page(s), in Korean)

The Korean Agency for Technology and Standards of the Republic of Korea is partly revising the "Technical regulation for electricity meter". The main contents are:

·         In accordance with Measures Act, the "Technical regulation for electricity meter" stipulates specifications, testing methods, requirements for type approval of electricity meters including electromechanical meters, AC-static electricity meters and DC-static meters

·         This revision additionally provides the technical regulations for power-measuring socket-outlets mainly used for EV charging

·         The maximum voltage range will be changed from 'under 500V' to 'under 1500V' for DC meters and from 'under 600V' to 'under 1000V' for AC meters which are prescribed in IEC 60038 as low voltage range

·         Deleted test items(5 items in weather-proof tests) and reduce the number of samples submitted(13 samples → 8 samples) for AC-static meters

·         Deleted "transformer operated meter" classification for DC-static meters

·        Added a definition for "free-voltage meter"