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Rules on the standards, etc. on packaging materials and packaging methods of products [Attachment 1] Products to which the standards on packaging methods by product type - processed food, beverage, alcoholic beverages, confectionery, health functional food, cosmetics, detergents, toy-dolls, stationery, miscellaneous goods, quasi-drugs, clothing

A draft regulation on "The notification of exception standards for repackaging of packaged products" (4 page(s), in Korean)

Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea is proposing the draft regulation on the "The notification of exception standards for repackaging of packaged products". The main contents are:

Article 11 of the Rules on Packaging Materials and Packaging Methods of Products, etc., prohibits the repackaging of products produced after packaging. However, if repackaging is inevitable, the Minister of Environment requires notification. It is intended to establish exception standards for which packaging is inevitable.

1.    To determine the purpose of the announcement, definition of repackaging, and scope of application (Articles 1 to 3 of Draft)

2.    To establish an exception standard for repackaging of packaged products inevitable (Article 4 of Draft)

3.    If it is not clear whether it is applicable to repackaging, we intend to establish the basis for the formation and operation of the Judgment Committee to determine it (Article 5 of Draft) 

4.    Regulations on the deadline for review and enforcement date of the notice (Article 6 and Supplementary Provisions of Draft)