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Motor Vehicles

Revision of Korean Safety and Performance Regulations for Motor Vehicles and Parts (9 page(s), in Korean)

A. Clarify that the subject of safety standard for Level 3 automated driving is a passenger vehicle only (Article 111-3): Since the safety and performance standards for current Level 3 automated driving system were developed for passenger vehicles, the revision would clearly mention it.

B. Establish a new performance standard for Data Storage System for Automated Driving (DSSAD) (Annex 27): A new performance standard would be established for a device which can determine the cause and responsibility of accident by recording if automated driving system was working in the case an accident involving automated driving vehicle in order to protect and save the victim of accident without delay of time.

C. Correction of a term (Annex 27): The term for the function of hazard warning lamp was misused as emergency warning signal, so it would be corrected.