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Motor Vehicles

Revision of Korean Safety and Performance Regulations for Motor Vehicles and Parts (49 page(s), in Korean)

The following amendments will be made:

A.    Modify the lift axle standards of truck and special vehicle, and ban the installation of side facing seat (Draft Article 13 and Article 25)

·         - Clarify the lift axle standards of truck and special vehicle, and establish standards that ban the installation of side facing seat.

B.    Improve the structure of bus and safety standards for pedestrian behind a car (Draft Article 29, Article 30, Article 53 and Article 53-2)

·         - Clarify the standards for door and emergency exit on a bus which can cause differences in interpretation, and clearly stipulate the standards for horn and warning sound to pedestrian behind a car.

C.    Harmonize end-outline marker lamp and pedestrian legform impactor/injury criteria with the international standards (Draft Article 40-2 and Article 102-2)

·         - Apply end-outline marker lamp to the rear end lamp of heavy vehicle, and harmonize the standards for flexible lower legform impactor (Flex-PLI) with the international standards.

D.    Establish new standards for electric motorcycle (Draft Article 69-3, Article 69-4 and Article 64)

·         -Upgrade the safety standards of High Voltage Electric System (HVES) and Rechargeable Energy Storage System (REESS) to meet the level of international standards, and harmonize the tire pressure standards of electric motorcycle with the international standards.