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Proposed Revision of the "Labelling Standards for Foods" (26 page(s), in Korean)

Republic of Korea is proposing to amend the "Labelling Standards for Foods". The main changes proposed are:

1) The provision for labelling of food for special medical purpose is newly established: The label on a package of food for special medical purpose must include the information like 'Not medication or health fuctional food'.

2) The provision for labelling regarding the name of fishery ingredients are specified.

3) The labelling exemption article for fresh agricultural, fishery and livestock products are revised: The name of food and manufacturer, lot and etc. shall be declared on transparently packaged fresh commodities excepting date of production or packaging.

4) According to the change of food categories in Korean Food Code, the labelling declarations of some food products (honey, royal jellies and salts) are revised.

5) The declaration for the mixed preparations of food additives present in foods are revised to use the brief name of food additive indicated in Appendix 6 and 7. 

6) The exemptions for the tolerance of error regarding labelling of nutritional components are revised.