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Motor Vehicles

Revision of Korean Safety and Performance Regulations for Motor Vehicles and Parts (21 page(s), in Korean)

The following amendments will be made:

A.      Defined automated driving system (Article 2): Clarified the subjects of new requirements and prepare for automated driving technologies by defining Level 3 or higher automated driving system.

B.      Added a new chapter on safety regulations of automated driving system (Chapter 3‑3): In order to have clear and effective safety regulations of automated driving technologies, a new chapter was added.

C.      Established a regulations for designating ODD (Operation Design Domain) (Article 113): Had manufacturers to define ODD by clearly distinguishing safety-related situation such as road, driving condition and weather condition and situation when operation is limited.

D.      Added performance regulations and safety regulations against failure of Level 3 automated driving system (Article 113-2): Added performance regulations such as minimum safety distance, takeover request and emergency operation and safety measures against failure for Level 3 automated driving.

E.      Added the regulation for driver monitoring system (Article 113-3): Added regulations for driver monitoring system that can detect in advance if a driver is ready to drive in response to takeover request by Level 3 automated driving system. 

F.         Arranged provisions for adopting standards for automated driving system (Article 117)