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Motor Vehicles

Revision of Korean Safety and Performance Regulations for Motor Vehicles and Parts (69 page(s), in Korean)

The following amendments will be made:

A. Improvement of the operation method of the cover for the goods loading device and the operating regulation of the work light for trucks (Article 32 and Article 47): The improvement of material, structure and operation of the cover of the goods loading device of cargo trucks and special motor vehicles, and the clarification of the operation method of the work light.

B. Mitigation of the installation of rear lights in recovery vehicles and improvement of installation regulation of rear reflector plates of fire-fighting motor vehicles (Article 42, Article 43, Article 44 and Article 49): The permission for additional installation of rear-position lamp, stop lamps and direction-indicator lamps in recovery vehicles, and the adjustment from the current regulation of retro-reflective plates, the rear retro-reflectors and reflective bands of fire-fighting motor vehicles to the regulation in accordance with the "Fire Protection Equipment Control Act".

C. Improvement of driver-assisted advanced steering system and driver-front sight range regulation (Article 89 and Article 94): The improvement of the driver-assisted advanced steering systems to apply autonomous driving functions such as lane keeping, driving in congested areas and highway auto-pilot, and helping smooth application of advanced driver-assisted system such as front panel to provide driving information.

D. Preparation of the regulation for excluding installation of vehicle electronic stability control system and for anti-lock braking system of ultra-small vehicles (Article 15-2 and Article 90): The preparation of the regulation for excluding installation of electronic stability control system (ESC) in certain vehicles such as bending buses, and the performance regulation for ultra-small vehicles equipped with anti-lock braking system.          

E. Harmonization with UN Regulations (Article 69-2, Article 102, Article 103 and Article 112-3): The introduction of UN Regulations for motorcycle electromagnetic compatibility, and the alignment of the airbag warning indicators such as pictograms and the performance of seat belts (UN Regulations No. 94, 16).