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Cleansing & Hygiene Products (Newly added: tattoo ink)

Proposed amendments of the "Enforcement Decree of Cleansing & Hygiene Products Control Act" (7 page(s), in Korean)

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) is issuing this proposed amendment which describes the regulations that were previously covered by "the Cleansing & Hygiene Products Control Act" (the Act) and now fall under the jurisdiction of "the Enforcement Decree of Cleansing & Hygiene Products Control Act" and the requirements for their implementation.

The proposed amendment includes the following contents:

(a) The scope of Cleansing & Hygiene products would be expanded to tattoo ink. (However, drugs under Article 2.4 of "the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act" and cosmetics under Article 2.1 of "the Cosmetics Act" shall not be regulated as Cleansing & Hygiene products.)

(b) The items subject to the reporting of manufacturing items according to the Article 3.4 of the Act are identified. (c) The criteria for imposition of administrative fines have been amended to impose penalties according to the number of violation as provided for in Article 34 of the Act. It is specified in the attached Table 3.