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  • 71 - Chemische Verfahrenstechnik

Chemical substances subject to submission of chemicals verification result in accordance with the existing Chemicals Control Act, including chemicals subject to import declaration

Draft partial amendment of the Chemicals Control Act (40 page(s), in Korean)

1) The Ministry of Environment (ME) integrates the existing two regulations, which are the submission of the verification result of manufactured or imported chemicals and the import declaration of toxic substances, into a single regulation: "Notification of Chemicals Verification". Under the regulation, the government issues unique "Universal Chemical Tracking Number" to chemical substance to track and manage its use, storage and sales on the market.

2) The ME makes a legal ground that overseas manufacturer can appoint a representative and entrust the appointee with obligations of importer, including notification of chemicals verification, so that overseas manufacturer can protect its CBI and the government may impose penalty when false information is notified.

3) Off-site consequence analysis is not required to the laboratories of universities and research institutes, the facilities of elementary, middle and high schools, and a person who handles chemical substance in very small amount. 

4) As regular and irregular examinations are performed in accordance with the Chemicals Control Act and the Act on Establishment of Safe Laboratory Environment in duplicate, the ME integrates them into an annual regular examination under the Act on Establishment of Safe Laboratory Environment.