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Proposed revision of the "Special Act on Imported Food Safety Control". Language(s): Korean. Number of pages: 17

-         The standards for designation of substances, such as narcotics and pharmaceutical ingredients, to be banned for entry will be newly established in the case of foods directly purchased from overseas. When designating the substances to be banned on entry, the name of substance, reason for designation and the date of designation will be published and posted on the website after deliberation and decision by a committee.

-         Until now, products are regarded as the same product from the same company when they are produced from the same foreign food facility and have the same product name, manufacturing method and raw materials. But for processed products and livestock products, the product name will be excluded as a condition due to its little relevance to the product safety. 

-         The types of certification for food safety management to choose, if applicable, will be specified by adding GMP and GFSI to the current HACCP and ISO22000 for foreign food facilities applying for registration.