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Proposed Draft Establishment of Recommended Specification for Acrylamide in Food. Language(s): Korean. Number of pages: 19

  • Commodity/Product and Recommended Specification for Acrylamide

Commodity/Product Name Recommended Specification (mg/kg)

================= =======================

1. Baby foods for infants/young children* 1. Not more than 0.3

2. Cereals 2. Not more than 0.3

3. Confectionery 3. Not more than 1

4. French Fries 4. Not more than 1

(Prepared Foods from Food Service Business Operator)

5. Coffee(roasted coffee, instant coffee, coffee mix) 5. Not more than 0.8

6. Teas(Solid tea) 6. Not more than 1

7. Processed cereal product and Ready-to-eat food 7. Not more than 1

*Milk formulas, infant formulas, follow-up formulas, baby foods for infants/young children and food for sale and labeled as consumption by infants and young children

  • Operating period : From January 1st, 2021 (Reviews whether to set Maximum level after evaluation every two years)

  • Action for Exceeding Recommended Specification :

1. Encourage manufacturers, processors and importers of products exceeding the recommended Specification to comply with and improve the recommended Specification (notify inspection results to manufacturers, processors, or importers, refrain from importing the products, etc.)

2. Disclosure of information** when improvement measures are not implemented* for products exceeding the recommended Specification

*(Distribution food) Determined after 6 month in collection and inspection of same product / (Imported food) Exceeded recommended Specification twice or more

**Food Safety Korea website (MFDS)> Hazard and Prevention information> Products exceeding the recommended Specification