KR Südkorea
  • 12 - Ölsaaten und ölhaltige Früchte; verschiedene Samen und Früchte; Pflanzen zum Gewerbe- oder Heilgebrauch; Stroh und Futter
  • 14 - Flechtstoffe und andere Waren pflanzlichen Ursprungs, anderweit weder genannt noch inbegriffen
  • 23 - Rückstände und Abfälle der Nahrungsmittelindustrie; zubereitete Tierfutter

Straw and forage for animal feed (HS codes: Forage: 1214901000; Native grass, Soiling crop, Others: 1214909090; Leaf: 1404903010; Rice straw, Barley straw, Other straw: 1213000000; Corn cob: 2308009000; Alfalfa bale: 1214909010; Pellet, Cube, Ground forage: 1214100000; Others: 2308009000; Formula feed: 2309901040)

Import Health Requirements for Straw and Forage. Language(s): Korean, English. Number of pages: 5 and 7

MAFRA has proposed to revise the "Import Health requirements (IHRs) for Straw and Forage" for the concern that African swine fever (ASF) could spread to pigs through straw and forage originating from the ASF infected countries. The concerned products will require to be heat-processed to reach internal temperature of at least 80 °C for a minimum of 10 minutes at approved establishments and the conditions in the implementing IHRs will need to be met. These conditions are designed to mitigate the risk of contamination of these products with the African swine fever virus.