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  • 67 - Lebensmitteltechnologie

Food products

Proposed Amendments to the Standards and Specifications for Foods. Language(s): Korean. Number of pages: 39

The proposed amendment seeks to:

1.    Revise the limit for 3-MCPD in acid-hydrolysed soy sauce and blended soy sauce;

2.    Establish a standard for amnesic shellfish poison (domoic acid) in shellfish and crustaceans;

3.    Revise the limit for heavy metal (lead) in 'Candies';

4.    Establish "Foods containing milk or milk products" as a new food type for foods mainly made of milk or milk products which do not meet the definition of "Milk products";

5.    Revise the maximum residual limits of pesticides for agricultural products: 70 pesticides including Glyphosate.