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  • 75 - Erdöl u. zugehörige Technologien

Fuels (ICS 75.160)

KS 2912: 2020 Solid biofuel —Sustainable Charcoal and carbonized briquettes for household and commercial use — Specification. (19 page(s), in English)

This standard specifies requirements for sustainably produced charcoal and carbonized briquettes that are derived from forest, plantation, sustainably harvested wood and other forest products, by–products and residues from wood processing industry, chemically untreated wood, herbaceous biomass, fruit biomass, aquatic biomass, agro-industrial residues (e.g. sugarcane bagasse, rice husks etc.), treated faecal sludge and organic market wastes, in lump and briquette form that is intended for household and commercial use.