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  • 35 - Informationstechnik, Büromaschinen

IT applications in other fields (ICS: 35.240.99)

DKS 2416-3:2022 Information technology — learning, education and training Part 3: Network components to support eLearning; (11 page(s), in English)

This Kenya Standard specifies the minimum network requirements to support in the effective use of IT for Learning, Education and Training (IT LET). It prescribes the minimum requirements that any Local Area Network system supporting eLearning shall implement to establish a solid technical platform for efficient delivery.

An eLearning network applies to:

— distributed learning networks;

— internetworked computing;

— electronic media, such as the Internet, intranets, satellite broadcasts, interactive television, and videoconferencing, and;

other information and communication technologies (ICTs) to facilitate teaching and learning