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  • 23 - Rückstände und Abfälle der Nahrungsmittelindustrie; zubereitete Tierfutter

Compound feed (HS Code: 23.09), Rice straw, Rice whole crop silage, Unprocessed rice (HS Code: 23.08)

Amendments to the Enforcement Ordinance of the Standards of Feed and Feed Additives (Amendment of an agricultural chemical residue standard).

Proposal for the amendments of the Extraneous Maximum Residue Limit maximum limits (EMRLs) for the pesticide: Heptachlor.

Commodity(for feed) Proposed MRL(mg/kg) Current MRL(mg/kg)

Compound feed for cattle, 0.02 0.02

sheep, goat or deer

Compound feed for pig 0.02 0.02

Compound feed for chicken or quail 0.02 0.02

Rice straw 0.02 -

Rice whole crop silage 0.02 -

Unprocessed rice 0.02 -

Residue definition for enforcement: Sum of heptachlor and heptachlor epoxide

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