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  • 31 - Düngemittel

Fertilizer (HS: 3101, 3105); FERTILIZERS (HS 31); Animal or vegetable fertilisers, whether or not mixed together or chemically treated; fertilisers produced by the mixing or chemical treatment of animal or vegetable products (excl. those in pellet or similar forms, or in packages with a gross weight of <= 10 kg) (HS 3101); Mineral or chemical fertilisers containing two or three of the fertilising elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium; other fertilisers (excl. pure animal or vegetable fertilisers or mineral or chemical nitrogenous, phosphatic or potassic fertilisers); animal, vegetable, mineral or chemical fertilisers in tablets or similar forms or in packages of a gross weight of <= 10 kg (HS 3105)

Establishment of new standards for Normal Fertilizers (3 page(s), in English)

MAFF will amend administerial rules for official specification of normal fertilizer as follows;

1. The government of Japan establishes new standards for "Fused Silicate Fertilizer".

2. The government of Japan establishes new standards of Raw-materials Specification.