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Composite feeds for food producing animals and their ingredients

Amendment of the ordinance for enforcement of the Act safety assurance and quality improvement of feeds

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan (MAFF) will add horse to the scope of the Act on Safety Assurance and Quality Improvement of Feeds to contribute to public safety and stable production of horses by ensuring safety and improving of feeds. Through this amendment of the ordinance for enforcement of the Act, the following contents of the act will be applicable to the feeds for horses:

1.    Set standards and specifications for manufacturing and labelling for feeds for horses (those details will be notified in 2020);

2.    Prohibit manufacturing, importing, selling and using horse feeds that are not meeting the standard and specifications or containing harmful substances;

3.    When harmful feeds for horses are distributed, MAFF may order the manufacturer or importer to dispose or recall them;

4.    Manufacturers and importers of feeds for horses are obliged to notify MAFF of their business;

5.    Manufacturers, importers and dealers of feeds for horses are obliged to keep records concerning manufacturing, importing and selling of feed for horses in their books. 

Note: Scope of horse on the Act is planned to be "horse intended for human consumption". It will be specified in 2020.

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