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Fertilizer (HS: 3101, 3102, 3103, 3104, 3105)

Revision of the fertilizer standards and rules

Considering technical advancement and recent needs for fertilizers, the Ordinance for the Enforcement of the Fertilizer Regulation Act and other rules are revised as follows:

1.         Lifting of the ban on fertilizer use of materials derived from sheep and goats

As part of BSE-related feed ban, materials derived from sheep and goats have been prohibited to be used for producing fertilizers. Based on the result of the risk assessment conducted by the Food Safety Commission of Japan, materials derived from sheep and goats are permitted to be used for producing fertilizers under the appropriate condition for management of BSE specified in the administrative rules related to the Fertilizer Regulation Act.

2.       Use of granular fertilizers made of fossil seashell and seashell for preparing compound fertilizers

Fertilizer producers which notified MAFF of their product plan are permitted to use granular fertilizers made of fossil seashell or seashell to be used as materials for preparing compound fertilizers. 

3.         New testing manual for quantitative analysis of nutrient contents

Guideline for qualitative analysis of nutrient contents for fertilizer registration shall be conducted by the testing manual edited by Food and Agricultural Materials Inspection Center.

4.         Revision of the labeling rule concerning fertilizers derived from livestock There will be a change in the format of labels for fertilizers containing materials derived from livestock to indicate species of livestock which the materials are derived from. It is not required to attach a label to indicate that the process of the production of the fertilizers has been confirmed by the minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

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