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Biological pesticides used for the control

Draft Ministerial Order Establishing Cases Defined by Ministerial Order of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and the Ministry of the Environment under Article 4, Paragraph (1), Item (xi) of the Agricultural Chemicals Regulation Act. Language(s): . Number of pages:

Establishment of new criteria for refusal of registration for biological pesticides

Biological pesticides are (1) so-called "natural insect killer pesticides" (in the narrow definition), which are generally used with live insects that are predators or parasites (e.g., Insecta, Arachnid, etc.) and (2) microbial pesticides (viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.), which may be used as pesticides, as Article 2, paragraph 2 of the Act provides that "predators, parasites or microorganisms used for pest control as described in the preceding paragraph shall be deemed to be pesticides."

Biological pesticides are assumed that the use of alive biological pesticides (i.e., not inactivated) may cause significant damages to the habitat or growth of animals and plants in the living environment due to their proliferation, etc (For example, when spiders are used as biological pesticides in agricultural lands, the pesticides may cause significant damages to the habitat or growth of animals and plants in the agricultural lands and surrounding environment by preying beneficial insects in addition to target insects).

The criteria for refusal of registration were newly established so that the registration of such biological pesticides can be refused where an application for registration is submitted.