IL Israel
  • 97 - private und kommerzielle Hauswirtschaft, Unterhaltung, Sport
  • 95 - Spielzeug, Spiele, Unterhaltungsartikel und Sportgeräte; Teile und Zubehör davon

Toys; (HS: 95); (ICS: 97.200.50)

SI 562 part 3 - Safety of toys: Migration of certain chemical elements (5 page(s), in English)

Revision of the Mandatory Standard SI 562 part 3, dealing with the migration of certain chemical elements from toys. This draft standard revision adopts the European Standard EN-71-3: April 2019, with a few changes that appear in the standard's Hebrew section.

Both the old standard and this new revised standard will apply from entry into force of this revision for a period of 90 days. During this time product may be tested according to the old or the new revised standard.