IL Israel
  • 67 - Lebensmitteltechnologie
  • 07 - Gemüse, Pflanzen, Wurzeln und Knollen
  • 08 - Geniessbare Früchte; Schalen von Zitrusfrüchten oder von Melonen
  • 20 - Zubereitungen von Gemüse, Früchten oder anderen Pflanzenteilen

Frozen vegetables and fruits; (HS: 0710, 0811, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2008); (ICS: 67.080.01)

SI 877 Part 1 - Frozen vegetables and fruits: General (50 page(s), in English; 17 page(s), in Hebrew)

Revision of the Mandatory Standard SI 877 part 1, dealing with the frozen vegetables and fruits. This draft standard revision adopts the Codex Alimentarius Standard CXS 320 2015 (Revised in 2017) except its Annexes, with a few changes and national deviations that appear in the standard's Hebrew section. The major changes introduced in this draft are as follows:

·         Changes the methods of analysis and sampling and allows to comply with the requirements of ISO, EN, ASTM, or FCC standards or regulations. In case of a dispute the recommended methods of Codex Alimentarius Standard CXS 234‑1999 shall apply (Section 11);

·         Replaces the microbiological criteria detailed in section 7.2 of the adopted Codex standard and apply instead the microbiological test methods described in Israel Mandatory Standard SI 885 part 1.1;

·         Adds a new national requirement to mark ingredients names and content (%) in mixtures of fruits and vegetables of up to 3 components (Section 9.4);

·         Adds a new sampling method (Section 11).

The entry into force and the transition period of this revision depend on the entry into force of a previous revision, that is still in progress (notified in G/TBT/N/ISR/823).  During the transition period, should one choose to comply with the requirements of this new revision, he must also comply with the new labeling requirements.