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  • 67 - Lebensmitteltechnologie
  • 20 - Zubereitungen von Gemüse, Früchten oder anderen Pflanzenteilen

Pickled cucumbers; (HS: 200110); (ICS: 67.080.20)

SI 58 part 2 - Pickled or soured vegetables: pickled cucumbers (cucumbers pickles) (8 page(s), in English; 36 page(s), in Hebrew)

Revision of the Mandatory Standard SI 58 to be replaced with SI 58 part 2, dealing with cucumbers pickles. The old standard's scope covered all types of pickled or acidified canned vegetables. In this revision, the scope will divide into different kinds of vegetables; each will be covered by another standard's part. This draft standard revision adopts the Codex Alimentarius Standard CXS 115 - 1981, Adopted in 1981, and amended in 2017 and will apply only to pickled cucumbers. The adopted standard includes a few changes that appear in the standard's Hebrew section as follows:  

·         Adds to the standard's scope a requirement that hermetically sealed products shall also comply with the requirements of Israel Mandatory Standard SI 143;

·         Adds a new sub-section 1a with a list of national normative references;

·         Adds a new requirement to section 2.1 dealing with the product definition;

·         Adds a new requirement and a national remark to sub-section 2.2.1 dealing with the fresh pack life;

·         Adds two new lines to sub-section 2.2.3 dealing with the sub-type;

·         Replaces section 3.1 dealing with ingredients permitted;

·         Changes a few requirements included in section 3.2 dealing with the quality criteria;

·         Adds a sentence to section 3.3 dealing with the classification of defectives;

·         Adds a sentence to section 3.4 dealing with acceptance;

·         Replaces section 4 dealing with food additives and apply instead Israel's Public Health Regulations (Food) (Food Additives) 5761-2001;

·         Replaces section 5.1 dealing with mycotoxins and apply Israel's Public Health Regulations (Food) (Mycotoxins in foods) 5756-1996 instead;

·         Replaces section 5.2 dealing with pesticide residues and apply Israel's Public Health Regulations (Food) (Pesticide residue) 5751-1991 instead;

·         Replaces section 5.3 dealing with heavy metals and apply instead the Ministry of Health's guidelines for heavy metals and tin MRLs from 01-05-2016;

·         Replaces section 6 dealing with hygiene and apply instead Israel's Public Health Regulations (Food) 5775-2015;

·         Changes a few requirements included in section 7.1 dealing with the fill of container;

·         Replaces all labelling requirements appearing in section 8 and apply instead the requirements of Israel Mandatory Standard SI 1145, with a few exceptions;

·         Replaces the requirements of section 9 dealing with methods of analysis and sampling and apply instead the requirements of Israel Mandatory Standard SI 143;

·         Replaces the heading of Annex I;

·         Adds two new national informative annexes A and B.

The major differences between the old version and this new revised draft standard are as follows:

·         Adds a new method for the allowances for Defects;

·         Adds a reference to products without suitable liquid packing medium;

·         Adds a reference to non-pasteurized products.

All sections of the new revised standard will be mandatory except for the following:

·         The reference to Israel Standard SI 6471 applying to Silan (Date Honey) appearing in section 1a;

·         The requirement that Silan (Date Honey) shall comply with Israel Standard SI 6471, appearing in section 3.1;

·         The requirement to label the size name according to Annex A, appearing in sub-section 8.1.2(b);

·         Annex A - Classification according to size.

Both the old standard and this new revised standard will apply, in all aspects relating to cucumbers, from the date of entry into force for a period of two years. During this time, products may be tested according to the old or the new revised standard.