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  • 97 - private und kommerzielle Hauswirtschaft, Unterhaltung, Sport
  • 63 - Andere konfektionierte Spinnstoffwaren; Warenzusammenstellungen; Altwaren und Lumpen

Soft baby carriers; (HS: 630790); (ICS: 97.140)

Child use and care articles – Baby carriers – Safety requirements and test methods: Soft carriers (30 page(s), in English; 7 page(s), in Hebrew)

Revision of the Mandatory Standard SI 13209 part 2, dealing with soft baby carriers. This draft standard revision adopts both the European Standard EN 13209-2: December 2015 and the American Standard ASTM F2236 – 16a and allows for compliance with either. The standard's Hebrew section includes national deviations from each adopted international standard as follows:

1.    The European route of compliance (Chapter A) includes the following national deviations:

o    Adds to the informative Annex A dealing with warnings, another line 10.4-10.4.2 relating to stability and to sports activity while attaching a baby carrier.

2.    The American route of compliance (Chapter B) includes the following national deviations:

o    Adds to section 8 dealing with the marking and labeling a requirement that the warnings should be in Hebrew, with one exception. Annex A provides an official translation of all required warnings;

o   Changes the wording of section 8.3.