IL Israel
  • 93 - Ingenieurbau
  • 68 - Waren aus Steinen, Gips, Zement, Asbest, Glimmer oder ähnlichen Stoffen

Prefabricated concrete products for paving; (HS: 681019); (ICS: 93.080.20)

SI 8 - Prefabricated concrete products for paving (13 page(s), in Hebrew)

Revision of the Mandatory Standard SI 8, dealing with prefabricated concrete products for paving. The major differences between the old version and this new revised draft standard are as follow:

  • Limits the standard's scope to apply only to paving products equal or thicker than 40 mm;

  • Deletes the requirements for tile's shapes;

  • Adds new requirements for labeling and shipment certificate (Section 2.2);

  • Changes the sampling method (Section 3.1);

  • Changes the allowed size deviations from pavement tile and pavement stones (Section 3.2);

  • Adds new test for fracture load (Section 3.3);

  • Changes that test for bending strength (Section 3.4);

  • Changes that test for grinding rate (Section 3.6);

  • Changes the requirements for finishing (Section 3.7).