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  • 97 - private und kommerzielle Hauswirtschaft, Unterhaltung, Sport
  • 94 - Möbel; medizinisch-chirurgisches Mobiliar; Bettzeug und dergleichen; Beleuchtungskörper, anderweit weder genannt noch inbegriffen; Reklameleuchten, Leuchtschilder und ähnliche Waren; vorgefertigte Gebäude

Mattresses; (HS: 9403, 9404); (ICS: 97.140)

SI 5418 - Resistance to ignition of mattresses, mattress pads, divans and bed bases (4 page(s), in Hebrew)

First amendment to the Mandatory Standard SI 5418 dealing with the resistance to ignition of mattresses, mattress pads, divans and bed bases. This amendment changes the following:

·         Deletes the national deviation added to paragraph 4.2 dealing with the durability of treatment;

·         Adds a new paragraph 4.3 dealing with durability to treatment of mattresses categorised as low hazard and very low hazard. This paragraph requires that mattresses categorised as "low hazard (for domestic use)" and "very low hazard (for domestic use)", that contain outer and/or inner removable covers (such as buttons or zippers) and that were treated chemically to reduce their ignitability (i.e. labelled with the words "Includes fire retardants"), shall be subject to the water soaking and drying procedure as detailed in paragraph 4.2.

The requirements of the new paragraph 4.3 will be mandatory after the entry into force of this amendment.