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  • 29 - Organische chemische Erzeugnisse

Aniline (HS Code 29214110)

Aniline (Quality Control) Order, 2019 (1 page(s), in English)

Aniline is used in dyes industry, rubber processing chemicals, herbicides etc. It is the starting material for many azo dyes. It is also used in the manufacturer of other intermediates as acetanilide, acetoacetanilide, aminoazobenene, methyl aniline, diethyl aniline, dimethyl aniline etc. The BIS standard of Aniline specifies the distillation range, assay (percent by mass, minimum 99%) and maximum content of Nitrobenzene etc. So it is imperative to make the standard mandatory to protect the human health. So the locally manufactured or imported Aniline shall conform to the Indian standard (IS 2833:1973) and shall bear the standard mark under license from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Bureau of Indian Standards and District Industries Centre of the State Governments shall be the enforcing authority.

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