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  • 73 - Waren aus Gusseisen, Eisen oder Stahl

Sl. No. Indian Standards Steel or steel products (1) (2) (3) 1. IS 412:1975 Specification for Expanded Metal Steel Sheets for General Purpose; 2. IS 2100: 1970 Specification for Steel Billets Bars and Sections for Boilers; 3. IS 2589: 1975 Specification for Hard Drawn Steel Wire for Upholstery Springs; 4. IS 3298: 1981 Specification for Mild Steel Rivet Bars for Ship Building; 5. IS 4072: 1975 Specification for Steel for Spring Washers; 6. IS 8510 : 1977 Specification for Tinned Steel Wire for Banding of Armatures and Rotors Part-1 Part 1: for General Requirement Part-2 Part 2: for magnetic banding wires Part-3 Part 3: for banding non magnetic wire; 7. IS 8563: 1977 Specification for Half Round Mild Steel Wire for the Manufacture of Split Pins; 8. IS 8564: 1977 Specification for Steel Wire for Nipples for Spokes; 9. IS8565: 1977 Specification for Heald Wire; 10. IS8566: 1977 Specification for Steel Wire for Reeds; 11. IS8917: 1978 Specification for Steel Plates for Galvanizing Pots; 12. IS9442: 1980 Specification for Hot Rolled Steel Plates, Sheets and Strips for Manufacture of Agricultural Tillage Discs; 13. IS9485: 1980 Specification for Cold-Reduced and Hot-Rolled Carbon Steel Sheet for Porcelain Enamelling; 14. IS10794: 1984 Specification for Mild Steel Wire for Cottar Pins; 15. IS12262:1988 Specification for Trapezoidal Steel Wire for Springs Washers; 16. IS12313: 1988 Specification for Hot-Dip Terne Coated Carbon Steel Sheets; 17. IS15911: 2010 Structural Steel (Ordinary Quality)-Specification; 18. IS4430: 1979 Specification for Mould Steels; 19. IS4431: 1979 Specification for Carbon and Carbon Manganese Free Cutting Steels; 20. IS4432: 1988 Specification for Case Hardening Steels; 21. IS 5518: 1996 Steels for Die Blocks for Drop Forging Specification; 22. IS 8748: 1978 Specification for Forged/Rolled CTC Segments; 23. IS 12145: 1987 Specification for Quenched and Tempered Alloy Steel Forgings for Pressure Vessels; 24. IS 13387: 1992 Tool Steel Forgings for Metal Forming - Specification; 25. IS14698:1999 Carbon and Low Alloy Billets, Blooms, Slabs and Bars for Manufacture of Shell Bodies and Proof Shots used in Defense Services-Specification; 26. IS/ISO 11951:1995 Cold-Reduced Black plate in Coil Form for the Production of Tin Plate or Electrolytic Chromium/ Chromium Oxide - Coated Steel; 27. IS 3930: 1994 Flame and Induction Hardening Steels - Specification; 28. IS 5478: 1969 Specification for Thermostat Metal Sheet and Strip; 29. IS:13352: 2004 Stock for Forgings produced from Continuously Cast Blooms, Billets and Slabs- Specification; 30. IS:16644 Stress-Relieved, Low Relaxation Steel Wire for Pre-stressed Concrete — Specification.

The Steel and Steel Products (Quality Control) second Order, 2020 (8 page(s), in English)

This Order seeks to ensure conformity to Steel & Steel Products listed in the Table-1 to the specified Indian Standards. The Order makes it mandatory for all manufacturers in India and all the manufacturers aboard who intend to export to India, of Steel and Steel Products as given in the Table-1 of the order, to obtain valid license from the Bureau of Indian Standards, for use of Standard Mark, before commencement of regular production of such items. Further, no person shall manufacture, import, distribute, sell, hire, lease, store or exhibit for sale any steel & steel products given in the said Table-1, which do not conform to the specified standards and do not bear standard mark of the Bureau.