ID Indonesien
  • 84 - Kernreaktoren, Kessel, Maschinen, Apparate und mechanische Geräte; Teile dieser Maschinen oder Apparate

HS Ex 8424.10.10 and Ex 8424.10.90

Draft Decree of Minister of Industry on Mandatory Implementation of Indonesian National Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers

The draft regulation states that all Portable Fire Extinguishers which are produced domestically or imported for distributed and marketed in Indonesia shall fulfil the Indonesia National Standard (SNI) requirements. The producers which produced these products therefore shall comply with those requirements proven by having Product Certificate for Using SNI Mark (SPPT SNI). 

The product certificate on SNI marking shall be issued by a Product Certification Body which has been accredited by KAN and appointed by the Minister of Industry through testing of the conformity of the products quality against SNI requirements.

Directorate of Industrial and Agricultural Machinery Industry is the institution that is responsible for the implementation of this decree and shall provide a technical guidance of the decree, which cover procedure of Product Certification and SNI Marking.

Products which are distributed in domestic market that originated domestically and imported shall meet the requirements consisted in: 

  • SNI 180-1:2022 Portable Fire Extinguishers which specifies term and definition, quality requirements, sampling, testing method, testing acceptance, marking requirement and packaging (this standard is available in Indonesian).