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  • 67 - Lebensmitteltechnologie

Food and beverages; traditional medicines and health supplements; medicinal products; cosmetics; chemical products; genetically engineered products; clothing, headgear and accessories; household appliances; moslems worship equipment; stationery and office equipment; goods for medical devices risk class A, B, and C.

Draft of Government Regulation Number __ of__ Regarding Implementation of Halal Product Assurance (110 page(s), in Indonesian)

a. This draft regulation consists of 16 Chapters which regulate the implementation of halal product assurance in Indonesia

b. Some provisions covered in the draft of the regulation are as follows:

1.    Implementation of Halal Product Assurance in Indonesia is organized and supervised by Halal Product Assurance Organizing Agency (BPJPH), Ministry of Religious Affairs

2.    Location, places, and tools between halal products process and non-halal products process should be separated. This separation should include: slaughtering location, slaughtering places and tools, processing places and tools, storage places and tools, packaging process and tools, distribution places and tools, selling places and tools, and displaying places and tools;

3.    Procedures for establishment, accreditation, scope of activities, and revocation of approval for Halal Agency Inspection (LPH), as well as appointment and dismissal of Halal Auditor;

4.    Rights and obligations of business actors;

5.    Procedures for determining halal supervisor as well as its duties and obligations;

6.    Procedures for submitting applications, extensions and stipulations of halal certificate by BPJPH;

7.    Halal Labelling and non-halal information;

8.    Cooperation between BPJPH with the ministries responsible for government affairs in the fields of industry, commerce, health, agriculture, cooperatives and small and medium enterprises, domestic, foreign state, and non-ministerial government agencies or institutions non-structural carry out government duties in the field drug and food control, standardization and conformity assessment, and accreditation as well as Halal Inspection Agency and Indonesian Ulama Council;

9.    Product certification and halal certificate registration for imported products; and

10. Types of products that are mandatory to be halal certified and stages of halal certification after the enforcement of mandatory Halal Certificate for Products circulated and traded in Indonesia.