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Processed Food

Regulation of National Agency of Drug and Food Control on Processed Food Labelling (43 page(s), in Indonesian)

This Regulation specifically regulates:

1.    Label criteria which contain all information regarding Processed Food in the form of images, writings, a combination of both, or other forms included in (inserted into, pasted on, or part of) Processed Food Packaging. All information such as marketing authorization number, food categorization (irradiated food, GMO food, organic processed food), nutritional value information, claim, allergen, food ingredients, food additives (Carry Over, Processing Aids), name and address of production or imported company, Halal certification, date and code of production, expiration date, the origin of certain food ingredients (such as containing pork), health instruction, storage method information, warning information, consumer complaints service, 2D Barcode information, security and quality certification by Certification Bodies, posts, logos and/ or images related to environmental sustainability also type of packaging.

2.    Product name consist of type of processed food product and brand.

3.    List of foodstuffs such as food additives including carry over and processing aids, etc

4.    New provisions in this regulation are:

o    Carry over Food Additive Labelling.

o    Mix Food Additive Labelling.

o    Inclusion of information without Food Additive.

o    Helper material labeling.

o    Halal information from origin country.

o    Special sign inclusion for processed food that production process is intersect and or using facility join with pork sourced ingredients.

o    Nutritional content inclusion on front of pack – FOP.

o    Allergen information inclusion.

o    Warning in dairy product (milk powder, ultra-high temperature (UHT) milk, pasteurized milk, sterilized milk).

o    Warning in condensed milk label and its analog.

o    2D Barcode inclusion to identify product.

o    Written, logo and or image related to environmental sustainability. 

5.   Processed food labeling that has been distributed is required to adjust with this regulation no later than 30 (thirty) days after this regulation enacted.