GT Guatemala
  • 38 - Verschiedene Erzeugnisse der chemischen Industrie

Insecticides, rodenticides, fungicides, herbicides, anti-sprouting products and plant-growth regulators, disinfectants and similar products, put up in forms or packings for retail sale or as preparations or articles (for example, sulphur-treated bands, wicks and candles, and fly-papers) (HS code(s): 3808)

Norma Técnica 84-2021 Versión 1 Registro Sanitario de Productos Repelentes de Uso Externo en Humanos y Productos Repelentes de Uso en Ambientes (Technical Standard No. 84-2021 Version 1: Sanitary Registration of Repellent Products for External Use in Humans and Spatial Repellent Products) (29 pages, in Spanish)

The notified Technical Standard No. 84-2021 establishes requirements for the sanitary registration of repellent products for external use in humans and spatial repellent products, whether of natural (botanical extracts, essential or other natural oils) origin or of synthetic (chemical) origin.