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Domestic (household) upholstered furniture and furnishings placed on the market in the UK for consumption in the UK. Upholstered is defined as 'wholly or partly composed of i) a fabric, leather or other cover material, and ii) a material used for filling, bulking out or stuffing covered components; or wholly or partly composed of foam'. Typical products in scope include sofas, arm-chairs and mattresses above a certain size. A number of products that meet the definition are excluded. These include duvets, carry cots for babies, and scatter cushions below a certain size.

Consultation on the new approach to the fire safety of domestic upholstered furniture; (49 page(s), in English)

This notification intends to alert Members to a UK Government public consultation for views on a proposed new policy to maintain and improve the fire safety of domestic upholstered furniture and furnishings. The new policy will replace the existing policy, which is implemented by the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988.

The new policy proposes new obligations on manufacturers, importers and further suppliers of products in scope. The proposals include essential safety requirements that all products must meet, replacing mandatory testing requirements. They include requirements relating to labelling to support product traceability and enforcement, and to provide information about the use of chemical flame retardants to consumers and waste disposal operators. It proposes a new approach to conformity assessment, new technical documentation requirements to support enforcement, and a flame retardant technology hierarchy to encourage manufacturers to prioritise chemical free solutions. It also clarifies and amends the scope and sets out obligations for re-upholsterers and suppliers of second-hand products. There is also a proposal for a transition period, supporting businesses to transition from complying with the 1988 Regulations (the existing policy) to the new policy, and an extension to the period of time enforcement officers can institute legal proceedings for a breach of the regulations Full details are provided in the notified document.